Commercial User License for Music Recording (Attributive)

from Gillicuddy

This license grants you permission to use a Gillicuddy song (music recording) of your choice for a commercial purpose.
You can choose from all songs on "...Plays Guitar" and "...Plays Guitar Again".

You will need this license if you would like to use a Gillicuddy song as part of an commercial "original work", e.g. if you are producing a video and
a) you get paid for making the video
b) the video is advertising a commercial service or a product
c) the video will be sold (on DVD, as digital download etc.)
d) the video is used as a call for donations.
e) the video will be used by a commercial company to promote its services or to sell advertisement.

"Attributive" means, that you will have to indicate Gillicuddy as the originator of the music (e.g. in the end credits of your video).
If this does not suit your needs, you might want to purchase a non-attributive license:

The license is limited to a single application. Thus the licensed song can not be used for multiple works, e.g. for two videos or for a video and a podcast - that would require the acquisition of two separate licenses.

You can read the complete terms and conditions in this sample license here:

After buying a license, you will receive two e-mails:
The first one will ask you to send back the full name and address of the designated license holder (this will be you, or maybe your client) as well as a short description of your application, e.g. the title and the contents of your video.
After that, with the second e-mail, you will receive your user license as protected PDF file, with a unique license id and signed by Gillicuddy.

If you are not sure whether you need a license or not, or if you have any other questions, feel free to send an e-mail via the contact form.

You can check out some examples of videos with Gillicuddy songs as soundtrack here:

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